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Have you been thinking of taking the next step in your career? Packing it all up and taking the big leap? Or finally making that big move to Hollywood?

This is the best place to come and make sure you’re headed the Right Way to L.A

Right Way To L.A.

R.W.T.L.A. is an intense and advanced program that will give you the tools to get it right the first time around. We will help you highlight your strengths, then focus on helping you strengthen your weakness making you a better and more well rounded actor.


This once in a lifetime opportunity will expose our students to currently active Industry professions in areas of Film and Television. Giving you:

  • REAL life
  • REAL experiences


We are a one-of-a-kind progressive and unique company that offers entertainment and industry services.


A knowledgeable actor is an informed actor, and our program is here to give you the latest and newest information in the industry that will help you navigate your career and journey.


As actors we are taught to embody the craft of our industry. Yet no one highlights learning the business of the industry. R.W.T.L.A. will teach you that as in life, balance is everything. Balance is key to being looked at as a well versed and multi dimensional talent.


Throughout this course you will be given keys to help unlock treasures that will guide on having a smoother journey in Hollywood. You will grow as an actor while learning the business of the industry.


Upon completion of this course, not only will you have a better understanding of the industry as it pertains to Hollywood, you will also be better equipped and prepared to live and work in the American market


R.W.T.L.A. is here to provide you with key tools to help you navigate your journey in the U.S. market, strengthening your chances to succeed in our ever-changing industry.




  • REAL time
  • REAL opportunities to experience The Right Way to LA.



Mid 1991, after a successful 5-year run on the cult classic Degrassi Jr. High and Degrassi. I found myself in limbo about what to do next and where my career

was headed. Being that the show was filmed in Toronto it was only natural that

all fingers pointed to N.Y. So, I moved to N.Y to further my career in 1992....


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Founder Dayo Ade

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